Key Highlights:

  • A $20 Million value-add niche real estate fund focused exclusively on acquisition and refurbishment of student housing and multifamily properties in the West and Midwest regions of the United States.
  • Fund allocations will be used alongside larger capital partners, (the fund will target 10% to 20% of the equity on a deal by deal basis) allowing fund participants access to deals they would otherwise not be able to invest in. Additionally, this approach leverages the fund’s commitments into more assets thereby increasing cash flow diversification.
  • Targeting a 15% net investor return, including 6% to 10% annual cash distribution.
  • Over 30 years of collective investment experience.
  • A combined $390,000,000 in real estate acquisition experience (50% Student Housing, 15% Multifamily and 35% Residential Land).
  • Management team with a proven track record in their ability to source opportunities, negotiate favorable acquisition terms, and efficiently execute on large scale improvements, thereby creating substantial value for investors.