Competitive Advantage

Our ability to source apartment properties, execute design-driven renovation programs and institute hands-on asset management enables us to outperform other operators.


ARE stresses the importance of a “boots on the ground” mentality when it comes to our Target Markets. Arrowroot Real Estate has regional offices located either in, or within an hour flight, of any markets we invest in.


ARE focuses on investing in only a few select markets, allowing us to pursue a much wider array of deal sizes, so we see everything in our Target Markets. Few other operators are looking at $3 Million investments while also pursuing those in excess of $75 Million. This gives us better access to brokers and owners.

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ARE exclusively invests in value-add multifamily and only in our Target Markets. This stresses focus, coupled with our design-driven renovation approach allows us to be experts in unlocking value across all our assets.


ARE has access to the Arrowroot network of companies, which provide resources for back office support and additional team members when necessary.